Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekend Round Ups

Hope everyone had a good weekend.  My was filled of birthday parties and banner making with a dash of Girl Scouts and football games.

Friday night Madeline's best friend's little brother had his birthday party at one of those bounce house places.  It was nice because since he just turned five and most of the kids in the class are four and five I was able to bring Jonathan.  The hubby even joined us before heading to his second home, the library, to study.  

As usual, our Saturday started off with a game.  I absolutely love that all the little football players wear pink socks and the girls where their pink bows and knee high socks to support breast cancer awareness.  One of the player's mom died last year of breast cancer so they are selling special apparel for which all the proceeds will go to his college trust fund.  

Directly after the game, which we won, we had another birthday party.  Since it was held at the birthday girl's house her mom hired Polynesian Dancers to come do a show and teach the girls to do dances.  The girls had a blast to say the least.

After being gone all day long I got home and the kids and I plus my mom went out to dinner since Jonathan hadn't gotten to do much that day. To make up for is on Sunday I took Jonathan grocery shopping with me and spent some one on one time with him.  He loves coming grocery shopping with me because he "helps" pick out food and gets to try the samples from the deli.

When we got home from the store, I got Madeline dressed to head out to a friends house to help make poster's for their Homecoming game this week.  Jonathan staid with my mom and went swimming.  We were cutting it close with the poster making and had to haul it to Girl Scouts.  

I rounded out my day with making a quick stop at Michael's (FYI to all who didn't know but Hobby Lobby is not open on Sunday's.  Made that mistake of going their first.)  Then to my aunts house where my mom was with Jonathan swimming with my cousin.  We actually started planning who is making what for Thanksgiving.  How is that even possible that that is already in the works?

Finally made it home, made dinner, prepped my lunch for today, and got my workout in before it was bed time for the kiddos.  Is it bad that I cherish bedtime?  Am I the only one?

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and have a happy Monday.

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