Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Workout Wednesday

I can't believe I am already on my second week of my second 21-day fix challenge.  This time around has definitely gone easier.  I am at the point that I really don't need to use my containers because I've gotten the portions down.  The workouts continue to challenge me because I can increase my weights or I am able to do more reps.

While I am not supposed to I jumped on the scale the other day to see if I had lost more weight.  I'm not sure if I have or if I've lost all the water weight from my trip.  Turns out I had dropped another couple of pounds.  I'm really not trying to lose any weight.  I few pounds wouldn't kill me and would give me some wiggle room come the holidays but overall that isn't my main goal.  If anything I will gain weight as I gain muscle.  

I have another week worth of this challenge.  (It really goes by so fast) During the final week the suggest to double up on workouts to maximize your results.  Last time I doubled up four of the seven days so I want to at least do that if not all the days.  I am really excited to see the deference in inches this time around since I put my measurements in my phone this time and can't lose them.

Friends have asked me how long am I going to do this and will I do it over the holiday season.  I plan on continuing for the foreseeable future.  Like I've said this program is really easy to follow.  I don't really consider it a diet.  Obviously I would like to over indulge in cheeses and peanut butter (I'd take those over sweets any day!) but who says I can't every now and then.  Just because I have a cheat meal or a cheat weekend doesn't mean I have to quit and over indulge ever day.  My birthday is coming up and without a doubt there will be a few cocktails throughout the weekend.  I have a friends 40th birthday coming up and I will partake in the festivities for sure.  We cannot forget my favorite holiday of all time, Thanksgiving.  I will be undeniably gorging on food.  Even though I plan on eating and drinking throughout the holidays and for the special occasions coming up I still plan on doing my workouts.    

Before I started the 21-day fix I found it so hard to workout on days that I had cheer.  With cheer up to four days a week, not including tumbling class, I am still getting my workouts in.  Lucky for me four other cheer moms are doing this program and we workout together during practice.  During busy weeks like this one (it's Homecoming) we can't during practice but I don't mind getting home to do it since it is only 30 minutes from warm-up to cool-down.

Who wouldn't want to work out when you have one the cutest workout partners ever?

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