Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekend Round Up

Yet another weekend came and went. This weeknd was pretty hectic but at the same time laid back if that's possible. 

Friday was Madeline's homecoming court.  I was running around for the first half getting signs up and then being with the girls on the field. It was worth it though so the the younger girls excited about being picked princess. Madeline's group of girls were torn about being picked. They didn't want to walk with the boys. Let's see if they feel that way in five years. 

They looked so cute in their outfits and did great job with their routine. Afterwards the team all sat together and ate. The girls had a blast running around and eating cupcakes. 

Saturday we were back on the field for the homecoming game. I was still running around during the game getting raffle tickets sold and making sure we had people helping during the merchandise booth. Oh the glamorous life of the team mom! On top of it I had Jonathan with me because we were going to a play date directly afterwards. Once I was able to get other parents to help out (which I must say is like pulling teeth. I hate always picking the same parents who help all the time.) 

The girls did another great half time show and the boys won their game! I'm very proud of the boys but this mostly means we are going to play offs which means no end in sight of games and four days a week of cheer.  The real kicker is that one of the play of games if we continue to advance is on my birthday. Is it wrong to bring drinks to the game to start my celebration? I means it's not every day you turn thirty!

After the game we went over to a friends house to play. The kids swam and played for hours. We left in hopes of running errands so I could relax Sunday. The minute I got in the car Jonathan fell asleep and all errands went out the window. 

Sunday we got up and headed to mass. Madeline has now joined her school's choir. ( we didn't have enough extra curricular activities!) They sing during the mass twice a month. After mass the church has donuts and coffee for the congregation. We staid a bit so Miss. Social Butterfly could talk with her friends. Overall it was very nice and I am happy she joined. The daddy was even able to come and watch. My in laws came to see Madeline sign so after she got to socialize we went to lunch with them while the hubby went to work. 

We went home for a bit and then met with my friend who has a little boy Jonathan's age for ice cream. The boys and Madeline had frozen yogurt and then ran around for about an hour. I finally ended up going grocery shopping after the play date. We made dinner and then off to bed.

 It's Monday night and it's another long week. I'm happy to say we don't have any major plans this weekend except for games and Girl Scouts. For us that's pretty low key. 

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