Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Round Ups

I think we should all strike Mondays.  Maybe if no one shows up on Monday we could get away with it.  I know, wishful thinking.  But might be something to consider.

For some reason I could not get to bed last night and of course today I am extra tired.  I am just happy I was able to sleep in on Sunday since Saturday we had to get up earlier then usual since Madeline's game was an away one and further then usual.

As usual my weekend consisted of cheer.  Friday I went to pick up my princess from school.  I love seeing the excitement on her face when she sees my car pulling up to get her.  We went home to get her brother and headed off to the farmer's market to get the veggies for the week.  I was even able to get her to have a fresh coconut Popsicle.  Madeline is super picky and to get her to have fruits and vegetables is a mission and a half.  

We headed back home to drop off the food before we had to go to try outs for the competitive cheer team Madeline is interested in joining.  I keep asking her if she is 100% sure she wants to do this since we had such a bad experience with the previous team she was on.  
This time around it is completely different.  She absolutely loves going to this gym.  We haven't had time to go to her tumbling classes on Tuesday due to choir and the fact that we have had cheer practice plus games for rec all the other days (not to mention I just can't handle six days of cheer!) and she misses it a lot. We have another month to decide to lets she what she chooses.

Saturday started out like all other except that I had a half hour drive to get to the field instead of ten.  After the game we went to lunch with some of the girls and then Madeline went home with her friend to have a play date.  I picked her up and then we headed to a friend's birthday dinner.  It was very low key and I was able to bring the kids but with good company anything is fun.  Since Madeline hadn't been home since we left the house at a quarter to eight she passed out the minute she got home.  Jonathan followed not to long after.

Sunday like I said I slept in till almost nine. WIN! We had breakfast and right when I was going to start getting ready for Girl Scouts we got a message that it was cancelled. WIN times two!  I ended up calling my friend and we decided to go to the pumpkin patch with the kids.  We went to a local farm and what a mistake that was.  Not only was it packed, hot, and expensive, there were no small pumpkins left.  I was not about to by two large $25 pumpkins.  We packed up in the car headed to dunkin donuts to cool off and get a much needed coffee.  After our snacks we drove across the street to Walmart and got the perfect size pumpkins for $2 each.  

Later that evening we were able to have dinner with the hubby which was nice since this is definitely the time in which everything is coming down on him.  He barely knows his own name right now.  But we still couldn't be more proud and just take every minute we get with him and enjoy it to the fullest.  Thankfully everyone was off to bed early and I got to relax with a good book.  That is what kept me up way past my bed time.

Hope everyone had an amazing week and have a good week ahead. 

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