Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thursday Trends...Nails

One of my favorite things to do is getting my nails done.  Ever since I was little I loved going with my mom.  She would get hers done and most of the time she would let me get mine done too.  I see that my daughter is just like me in that sense.  She absolutely loves going to the salon to get her nails done.  Usually she gets her toes done since her school doesn't allow for them to wear nail polish.  (Welcome to Catholic School!)

As I check off my things to do for my girls trip tomorrow one of the things on it is to go get my nails done.  I thought it only fit to make this weeks trend about nails.  

I am all about doing different designs and colors for my nails.  The more fun the better.  Glitter on one nail? Sure why not!  Thanks to Pinterest my love for designs on my nails has grown ten folds.  For this time around I want to have something pink since October is right around the corner (as in next week!) and I always do something in honor of breast cancer month.  I have gotten a few ideas from Pinterest that I'll show my nail girl, who by the way is AMAZING, and she usually runs with it and makes something up for me.  

Below a just a few of the designs I've done in the past.  I'll post later what I finally decide on today.  Hope everyone has a good Thursday.  Friday is only a day away.

(In honor of Madeline's team)

(For the Fourth of July and USA playing in the World Cup)

(Last years nails for the month of Oct)

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