Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Workout Wednesday

It seems that my life is finally getting back into a routine.  For at least the next month cheer is down to two days a week not including games and tumbling class but its something.  Next month and November is a whole other story. Four competitions in the month of November is all I have to say.

This past week I am happy to say I was able to work out five days.  Friday and last night I did boot camp.  On Friday boot camp in comparison to other pretty easy.  We had to do 50 wall balls, ball slams, (I used a 12 pound medicine ball for both of these exercises), push-ups, burpees, shoulder presses with eight pound weights, and single handed kettle swings with a 15 pound kettle bell.  In between each exercise we had to do 100 jumping jacks.  

Last nights boot camp was harder.  It started with a quarter mile run as the warm up.  We then had to complete eight rounds consisting of a quarter mile lap and 20 burpees within two minutes and thirty seconds.  Once the bell rang you had to take off again and run your lap.  If you did not complete the burpees more were added on at the end.  Lets just say I was not able to do all 20 burpees plus the run in time so I ended up doing 70 burpees at the end.  

Monday since it was labor day the gym had an extra long workout.  As in an hour and a half worth of kickboxing.  To say I am still sore from that work out alone is an understatement.  

Next Monday I am starting the 21-fix challenge from beach bodies.  A friend of mine is a coach for them and finally convinced me to do it.  I'm pretty excited because I hear the workout is great and will help build muscles.  I don't have to lose weight by any means but I definitely want to build muscle and have more definition.  I intend to keep going to boot camp and kickboxing and just adding the 30 minute workout through out.  Since a bunch of the other cheer moms are also doing the challenge we intend to do the workouts during practice.  I'm sure that will be interesting.  

I major part of the 21-fix is meal prepping.  I'm not the most skilled individual in the kitchen so I see this being the hardest part for me.  Sundays I am going to dedicate myself to cooking all my protein for the week to have it ready.  I plan on posting my updates here every Wednesday.  Wish me luck.

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