Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Work Out Wednesday

Happy Hump Day everyone!  We are one day closer to the weekend and I am one weekend closer to my mom's weekend at an all inclusive!  

I am on week two of my 21-day fix challenge and I absolutely love it!!  My coach told me not to weigh myself until the end so I can't tell if I lost any weight (I"m not trying anyways) but I feel less bloated.

Last week I was able to work out six days which never happens now that my life is consumed with cheerleading.  The workouts are probably one of my favorite parts about this whole thing.  They are just 30 minutes and I get a complete workout.  Who can't find 30 minutes in their life to do a workout?

Since three other friends of mine who are doing the challenge are cheer moms, we bring a laptop and do the workouts while we wait for the girls to finish.  We used to walk while the girls practiced but now as team mom I am constantly having to handle something or another.  This way I can sneak in a quick workout and still have an hour to do team mom stuff.  Its a win-win for me.  

Friday since I went to Miami AND Disney I didn't have a second to spare so I missed a workout and felt horrible (OK, OK, I probably could have woken up earlier to do it but I've said it a million times..I am NOT a morning person).  In my defense I did walk for four hours around Disney so that should count for something, right?

Food wise the most difficult part is prepping my food every night.  To make it easy on myself I have been making salads every day for myself.  I love veggies and fruits and that has been another difficult part through out this process is that I am limited to how many I can have.  If it were up to me my salad would be jammed pack of veggies but I only get three containers worth.  Dinner because of my busy schedule tends to be my shakeology shake.  I was even able to maintain the "life style change" while at Disney and while going out to eat last night with friends.  

I can't wait to continue to see the changes that will happen as a result of this program.  Happy Wednesday all and I hope you have a good rest of the week.

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