Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Weekend Round Up

I know I am a day late on my usual weekend round up but I wasn't able to sit down and write.  Finally last night when I had a free moment I just wanted to lay down and not have to think.  If someone knows of a magic pill that gives you energy please contact me ASAP!

This weekend was jammed pack with activities but all fun!  After taking my mom to her weekly doctors appointment in Miami, one of my good friend and her three year old son got in the car with my munchkins and we drove to Orlando to go to Disney.  Talk about driving all over Florida on Friday.

We got to Orlando around five and decided to eat dinner before we headed into the park. After dinner we headed to Magic Kingdom for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.  My family have been going since Madeline was three years old.  This was the first year the hubby couldn't go because of school.  While we missed him terribly, (Madeline reminded us constantly that she was having a blast but wished her daddy was there...talk about breaking my heart!) we had a great time with our friends.  It was my friend's first time going to the Halloween event and her son was amazed by everything.  We definitely lucked out on the night we picked because the park was practically empty.  We were able to walk on to most rides.  The longest was the new Seven Dwarf's ride which was only 20 minutes! 

Saturday we ended up going to Animal Kingdom for the day.  It was beyond hot and I have a nice triangle tan line on my back to prove it.  Again we lucked out because Madeline would have missed a game while we were gone but apparently down in South Florida they weren't as lucky with their weather.  

We finished the park around four and drove home afterwards.  Once we got home the kids went to bed instantly.  How they didn't pass out on the car ride home after a whirlwind trip to Disney I have no idea.  I ended up doing a workout for my 21-day challenge since I missed Friday and didn't want to miss two days in a row and then passed out.  

Sunday we had Jonathan's last soccer game of the season.  (YAY I get my Sunday mornings back!)  After the game they had a little party and the kids got trophies.  Jonathan was in Heaven.  Madeline and I then had a birthday party to head to for a bit.  After the party we headed home for a bit and soon enough we were back in the car to go bowling with some friends of mine visiting in from New Jersey.  

The kids had a great time together.  My friend has two boys, a five and two year old, and they got along great with mine.  Jonathan didn't want them to leave and wanted to "take them home" with him.

While I had an amazing weekend I definitely could have used another day to rest.  I am looking forward to this weekend that we only have a game and Girl Scouts.  Nothing in comparison to my usual weekends!

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