Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursday Trends....Stay calm and have a cupcake

Thursday's  Trend this week is again in honor of the Princess of our house.
Madeline's birthday party is this weekend and she decided she wanted a cupcake
theme party. I couldn't have been happier.  They had the cutest paper goods and
invitations in the shape of cupcakes at Target.  So the other day I picked her up
from school and we headed over.

I wanted to find a cute outfit for Madeline to wear for her party and Justice
did not disappoint.  I was able to find a cute top with a cupcake on it and some
cupcake earrings.  The one below is super cute too. Had Madeline not chosen a
water park as her location, the bow and headband below probably would have
been ordered.  However, knowing she wouldn't be in them for very long I
decided against it. When we got to Target I got the cutest shorts that were on
clearance that matched the top perfectly. Once her outfit was complete we
headed over to
the party section.

Obviously we grabbed anything and everything that had a cupcake on it.
Including this headband for her to wear during her party.  I even got these cute
bags to use as the center pieces.  I was going to add fun tissue paper and weights
inside to hold them down.

I also got the party pack shown below from party city that has confetti and
 other cupcake shape center pieces.  I didn't want to go to over board since 
we are going to be at a water park and the kids are barely even going to be at 
the tables other then to eat.  

Stay calm and have a cupcake

Our local supermarket Publix has this great service that you can call in and
place your order and they will have everything ready to pick up in one place.
I sent them over a picture of the cake above and they will make it for me with
the colors that Madeline picked out.  I am also going to make a few
marshmallow pops in the pastel colors to give to kids as well.

And if that wasn't enough sugar, as their thank you gift I am giving each kid a
cupcake to take home.  I had little tags printed out that say
"Stay Calm and Have a Cupcake". I wanted something a different then the
usual candies and plastic toys the kids always get.  Each guest getting a cupcake
in a cupcake theme box couldn't have fit better.  Not to mention each cupcake
comes out to $.89 each.  I knew I wouldn't get a cheaper thank you gift
anywhere else.

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