Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Weekend Round Up

Hope everyone had a nice long weekend!  While mine was busy I definitely had some time to relax.  

I was off Friday as usual to take my mom down to her doctors in Miami.  Never a fun start to my day but a necessity.  Luckily we were done early enough that I was able to do lunch with the hubby.  He did me the favor of picking up Madeline so that I could go get my manicure and pedicure.

Saturday was a very busy day.  We got up early and Madeline came with me to kickboxing.  Then I dropped her off at her game.  I had a bridal shower to attend in between her game and stunt camp later that day.  Madeline was thrilled because that meant she was going home with one of her friends and could have a play date until they had to go to stunt camp.  I am just thankful I have a great group of friends who helped me out by watching her at the game, feeding her before camp and then dropping her off at stunt camp.  After four hours of camp my in-laws took the kids to spend the night with them.  Because of Jonathan's soccer schedule they haven't been able to go over in a while.  I took advantage of an empty house, bought a book for my kindle and relaxed.  

The next morning of course the day I can sleep in I couldn't.  I woke up early, ran three miles to tire myself out and then went back to bed after a nice warm shower.  I was then able to sleep till 11.  It was amazing!  Since I still had an empty house I did all the choirs that needed to be done.  The kids got home around five and we went to dinner with my mom.   After dinner Madeline and I went to the local Country Bar for family night with some of our friends.  The girls had a great time trying to learn the dances and I'm a huge country fan so I definitely had a blast.

Monday I went to the gym early and then met the family for breakfast.  The hubby had to study-shocker! So the kids and I spent the day running errands.  Madeline has a little bit of a cold so we skipped the swimming pool and took it easy.  I don't want her getting sick right before her party this weekend.  Later that night the hubby and I went to dinner for our Anniversary.  Today marks are eighth year married.  How times flies when you are having fun!

Hope everyone else had a great long weekend.  Enjoy your short work week!

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