Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend Round Up

I am definitely sad to see this weekend go by so quickly.  It was our second annual mom's trip to Club Med in Vero Beach Florida.  One of the moms has a friend who works for them and gets us an amazing deal.  For two hundred dollars we get to stay two nights and three days and the all inclusive and just relax in the sun.  No children or husbands take care of.  Just food, drinks, sun, and laughter.  

We left Friday morning after dropping off the little ones and we were off!  The entire drive up we got caught in rain but luck was on our side and as we pulled up the skies cleared up.  We got our first of many drinks, ate lunch, and quickly headed to the pool.

  I was proud that I woke up early again to work out.  On our way to the gym we saw two dolphins coming into the bay.  Made waking up at 7:30 kinda worth it.  That and since I obviously wasn't keeping my strict diet I at least wanted to workout.  The rest of the day was spent much like Friday. Our only worries for the weekend was if the pool bar by the adult pool was open and getting to dinner on time.  Then at night we would dance the night away (which meant by midnight we were back in our rooms).

Sunday I actually slept in which felt amazing ( I skipped the 7:30 workout) .  We had breakfast, packed up and then headed to the pool to enjoy the rest of time at the resort.  We ended up doing a little water aerobics which was a show in itself.  Unfortunately we had to come back to reality and left around three.  Its great because its only about an hour and a half from home so it was a quick trip back.

Now its back to real life and a busy schedule.  Lucky for me the hubby and I will be heading to Nashville next week for a friends wedding.  I cannot wait for that experience.  If anyone has some suggestions as to what is a must see while there please let me know!

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