Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend Round Up

What a weekend!! I'm exhausted just thinking of everything we crammed into it.

Per my usual date with my mom on Friday we headed to her doctor's appointment in Miami.  Traffic as usual sucked but at least we got done early.  Which was perfect since I needed to run errands for Madeline's birthday party the next day.  I was able to go grocery shopping and make a run to Hobby Lobby before meeting the hubby and Madeline, who had early release, for lunch.  After lunch we ran a few more errands before heading home.  Later that night I had a committee meeting for Madeline's cheerleading squad.  It was actually a lot of fun since we all brought things to pick on and wine for the mommies to enjoy.  A few of the girls came too and got to play together which they always enjoy. 

Saturday morning we woke up to a cloudy day.  Great being that Madeline's birthday party was going to be held at a water park.  We headed to her game which was delayed due to the weather.  Of all days for things be be delayed right?  Thankfully her coach let us go early and I was able to run and pick up all the food and cake.
(both squads after check in)

We got to the park right when the lighting alarms were giving the all clear.  Too bad 40 minutes into the party the alarms went off again and we had to exit the water park.  We ended up going over to some picnic tables that were near by and had the party there.  I got rain checks for admission to the water park and got my money back for the pavilion I rented.  The kids of course had fun regardless but I was a ball of nerves.  I was beyond stressed.  Madeline's cake imploded and instead of looking like the cupcake it was supposed to it looked like a giant purple blob.  I also felt bad for all the kids which of course could care less, but nonetheless I felt guilty since some weren't able to go into the water at all.

(The purple blob cake)

After the debacle of the birthday party we went home and Madeline got to unwrap presents and of course wanted to open every single gift.  Jonathan had long passed out after a long day of running around with his cousins and the other kids with no nap at all.  In the long run it was a nice day because we spent it together as a family.  The hubby got to go to Madeline's game even though they didn't cheer but he was there and he spent the whole day with us which is rare.

Sunday was another busy day.  Jonathan had soccer which thankfully started at ten so I got to have a cup of coffee and relax a bit before I had to leave the house.  After soccer I took him to pick out his Halloween costume since we are going to Disney's Not So Scary Halloween Party this weekend.  He decided on Ninja Turtle.  Too bad once I got home and tried it on him it didn't fit.  I read the reviews and apparently the costume runs very small so its back to the drawing board.  At some point in the week ( I don't know when) I'll have to find him something to wear.  

Later that afternoon we had Girl Scouts, the first meeting of the year.  Yes, that would mean we have another activity to add to our already busy schedules.  Usually I only have to drop her off but last night we had a meeting to discuss things the girls will be selling.

After Girl Scouts I ran home to prep my food for my 21-day challenge from Beach Bodies that I started today.  I cooked my chicken for half the week and prepped my lunch and snacks for the day.  I was pleasantly surprised with how much food I was able to fit into the containers.  I might not starve myself after all!   

(my lunch and snack for the day)

Hope everyone had a good weekend and a good start to the week!

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