Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Workout Wednesday

I cannot believe it is already Wednesday.  I blink and time flies by.  Last week I did OK with working out and horrible with eating.  I knew I was starting my 21-day fix challenge and took full advantage of eating everything I knew I wasn't going to be able to eat once I started.

Thursday night at cheer my beachbody coach and fellow cheer mom/friend brought her daily workout and had us join in.  It was a Pilates like workout I was pleasantly surprised that I worked up a sweat.  The rest of the weekend I didn't have a chance to workout with committee meetings, games, birthday parties, more games, and Girl Scouts.  Sunday evening came along and all I wanted to do was pass out.  Instead I had to prep all my food for the week.

A major part of the 21-day fix is prepping.  Like they say "Fail to Prepare, and Prepare to Fail". So I made chicken breast for the week and saved it in the fridge.  I'm on day three and so far so good.    I am not doing this to lose major weight but since I am at the low end of the calories I don't get many containers.  During this process I have already learned that I ate way to many fruit and peanut butter (but I knew that one).  It is possible to over eat healthy foods and I think that may have been what was preventing me from toning up.  

Yesterday I was a bit hungry. I had used up all my carbs-I'm only allowed two,  and fruits-again only allowed two, so when I got home and was hungry I wasn't sure what I was going to do.  I had only protein left which lets be honest who just wants to eat a piece of chicken?  I ended up making two scrambled eggs and added a little bit of goat cheese because I hadn't used up all of my blue container. (blue consists of cheeses, nuts, and avocado)  That held me over until it was time to have my shake as my dinner.

Work out wise I am really enjoying the program.  Monday we did a complete cardio fix workout that included weights.  Yesterday I was definitely feeling it in my abs and gluts.  Last night I did the upper body fix which again I liked.  I desperately need to gain muscle in my arms.  The best part of this all is it is only 30 minutes!  Before you know it, its over.  

Our coach doesn't want us to weight ourselves until the 21 days is over and I'm OK with that.  Especially because that gives me time to go buy a scale being that my lovely son broke ours.  Until next time everyone.  Wish me luck for this weekend.  I am going to Disney for the day with a friend and I'm hoping that I'm manage well enough being off my normal routine.  

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